Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Full Circle...2009

I am so behind on my blog grind...for real...I fell off! Anyway, I am here now so I'll seize the moment to say...2009 looks very promising to me but not without hard work and a united front.

I've been bumping into people that I was friends with in college lately and I am learning that this is not without purpose. God has a plan for us...we've all got work to do. We didn't get our world class education for nuthin (I say that with my tongue slightly grazing my cheek). God didn't put Obama in office just as a symbol and Forte was not released from prison just because....WE'VE GOT WORK TO DO!

There are minds that must be opened...wounds that must healed...babies that must be saved...families that must be brought together...bridges to be rebuilt. We've been empowered in so many ways and we can't let all the isms (particularly that material one...does more damage then sex- and race- in many ways!) knock us off our game, ya heard?

We've got to find a space where our gifts can be used and get in where we fit in. I am really trying to live up to this call. I've applied to Grad School, started writing some new material, and been finding ways to mentor young women of color...but I can do so much more. It's not just time, resources, and's my responsibility.

This is a call to service...if all who CAN...accept it...we are all going to win.