Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to School Time...

Why do I feel like a 2nd grader eagerly anticipating the coming of a new school year? Only my 2nd 1st day of school but exciting pens, new paper, new biscuit Thom McCann (sp?) shoes...can't get enough of em! Except now I am 33 not 7 and have already been to many different schools and have a couple of degrees, to boot.

Why now? Why this time is it such an exciting proposition for me?

This is a time like no other in the world, in the US, in NYC, in my life personally. Obama is president, the economy is down, people are bugging, and I am excited to put on my Wonder Woman costume and get to work. I WANT TO START REALLY LIVING AND THRIVING...Sure I have already had a pretty full life: moving to NY at 17, going to NYU, working in the music business, touring with my favorite musical, traveling to Europe and Japan, releasing an album, getting my Master's degree...I aint complaining over here. BUT I am convinced that I have not done enough and I have to get my tail moving on my real purpose in life...which I must confess is not 100% clear yet. I do know that it will involve empowering women and girls, through scholarship, activism, and the arts. Pretty broad I I've go to remember that if this is a life long journey I've got to prepare myself for the long's not just about what's in front of me. What's aint about me!

God has given me multiple gifts to cultivate and allow to grow so that I can use them to uplift his people. Funny thing is...I am going into a field and studying with a bunch of people who mostly deny the existence of God. What a challenge I have before me! I am sooooooooo up for it though.

Next tuesday is my first day...I wonder what I should expect...I think I will buy some new black flats for the occasion. Pray my strength! ;-)

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James Ricardo The Actor said...

Prayers going your way!!!!!! Such a honor, gift, and a pleasure to have you as a friend! You will be awesome, and you are doing what you are supposed to be doing!