Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This Is It!: A Revelation

Nothing much to say but...if I am not willing to work as hard as MJ did in rehearsal for his O2 run...then I should probably stop doing WHATEVER it is I think I am doing right it academia, music, business or any other endeavor. MJ was a genius but pushed himself to the max and did so not just for himself, but the world. The film "This Is It" was for me an eye-opener...a revelation.

What shall I conquer now with this new found enthusiasm and zest?!?!! 2nd album? advance degree? a family? thriving business? peace? balance?

First and foremost, MJ was focused...thus, FOCUS IS MY CURRENT FOCUS! ;-)

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James Ricardo The Actor said...

BOOKAY, I blogged about this is it, like 4 days ago! Workaholic! I can't wait to get back to NYC, so I can be crazy and do the damn thing!