Sunday, February 14, 2010

...Writing's The Thing...

I have a paper to write today
And I can't seem to find the words I need
So here I am in my little corner of the writing sky
Word hunting and stretching out my thoughts on this little cyber bed

Sitting still, staring at a blank screen
So for the last year
I am going to give writing a go every time
Even if I am moving in the wrong direction
I'm moving, aren't I?

Epistemes and ontologies
Turns and valences
Nature, nurture, culture and society
Humanities, science and technology

This is me trying to steer my ship back to the straight and narrow
Right now its the only way I know
Because brainstorming and thinking and drinking joe
And tearing out your hair and ripping up your cuticles

And sneaking on Twitter (who are you hiding from?)
And wikipediaing the random
And texting your bestie
And crunching on Pirates Booty

And having a little stretch break
And taking a nap
And beating yourself up
...I suppose they are all viable options...but

Writing's the thing, really


James Ricardo The Actor said...

well, well, well, looka what we got here? Loved this entry, so honest and true. As I peek out the door way watching you attempt your journey to an "A" paper! Genius in the making, love it! GOODLUCK!

Alexios said...

What a nice "poem" Kendra! More proof that u can write an awesome paper! I will cite u next time I'm freaking out over a paper... like now...