Friday, July 3, 2009

Our Little Girls: Where's the Outrage?

For the past few days, we've seen black community leaders rally around the Jackson family in their time of bereavement. Surely MJ will be missed so we understand their concern for the family and fans worldwide. We've also heard that some of them (along with a popular musician and executive) made it their business to have Chris Brown excluded from the BET Awards ceremony which was held in Los Angeles this past weekend. This is possibly a more debatable point. Sure Chris Brown was dead wrong...but I sense a bit of hypocrisy was even involved in that decision...but more on that later. Also in regard to the BET Awards, I want to know who thought it was okay to allow a half dozen pre-teen girls dance on stage with Lil Weezy and crew during their "We Like Girls" performance? WHAT MESSAGE OUR WE SENDING? Has anyone paid attention to any of the lyrics? I refuse to reprint any of them here but let's just say they would make your mama faint. Unbelievable...I say all this to say that I love a good Weezy or Drake song as much as the next girl in the club BUT where do we draw the line of decency and stand for what is right? I can't let this one pass...where's the outrage (check the below out at minute 3:35)? TALK TO ME?!!?!?!


Crew54 said...

For real I think it was a bad look on everyone involved's part B.E.T., Drake and Lil Wayne. I've read that it was Lil Waynes Daughter and some of her friends and they wanted to come out on stage, but he should have manned up and told her to chill, I mean they are the grown ups in the situation.

It's a shame for real

Anonymous said...

I agree! I dont know who thought it was ok to have them up there, but it was totally inappropriate.