Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Finding Beauty in Density and Complexity

Density and Complexity...two words to consider when dealing with a woman like me. I am learning more and more that a woman with resolve is a force that many rather not deal with. Truth be told, sometimes I have a hard time dealing with me and all my complexity. My brain literally moves at the speed of light... so much so that the rest of my body and soul sometimes can't catch up. Knowing that I am still trying to figure me all out, I pity the rest of you poor mortals.

I'm going to keep working on it and this is the space where a lot of the work will get done. Keep reading and learning more about me along with me. Cool? :)


superbiate said...


bosstross said...

Consider this...GOD set forth a mandate for MAN to deal with the Density and Complexity of WOMAN, just as HE has charged WOMAN to deal with the simplicity of MAN. No need to explain yourself...a MAN true to GOD'S WORD will understand and welcome that which you have to offer.

Amethyst Scarab said...

With great power comes great responsibility! You walk the road of density and complexity, then you have to contend with the travails of a road less traveled. BUT again balance...everything is not hard, dense or complex. GOD, THE CREATOR has given us plenty of examples of simplicity resting in the bosom of complexity. BE BALANCED and make sure your "Density and Complexity" aren't intentional roadblocks to not have to be simply open & vulnerable with us poor mortals!