Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Revenge of the BeBes...

Robin Harris (God rest his soul) told us along time ago that BeBe's kids wouldn't die and were sho nuff gonna multiply and baby...he aint never lied!

The BeBe's who used to be babies are now out of control teenagers and they are trying to divide and conquer the world! If I go out to lunch one more time and encounter the sheer stupidity that these BeBes display in public (no shame!), I am going to start randomly beating people's kids in the streets! Hey...it might land me in the big house but at least I'd be going down for a good cause.
I know I was once young (not too long ago in fact) but I've never seen so much concentrated, public display of foolishness in one space...these kids really just don't give a hot damn about anybody...including themselves!
Where did all this begin and where and when will it end...or at least level off?
If we don't start reaching out to these young people early on and keep them in our grip..."be afraid (people)...be very afraid".


superbiate said...

in most areas of american life these days it's become normal to be inundated by crassness. maybe you can blame the isolating dehumanization of just about every facet of life (going from screen to screen with the time between occupied by a smaller screen & headphone soundtrack) or the total lack of subtlety to nearly all sensory input available (seen a movie trailer lately?), but this is the cultural water these kids swim in. so they turn up the volume to adapt. and the cycle perpetuates when they become tastemakers/consumers down the line.

regardless: blame their folks. kids never have a problem doing the right thing if they're shown it.

hadn't thought of that comedy routine in ages, by the way. and damn, robin's been dead for almost two decades. we are getting old, cherie.

Buckeye said...

Oh BeBes...

Why, why, why are they ALWAYS at the movies? It is a shame that they just can't meet up with their friends, stand in line to purchase their tickets, and then enter the theater like normal folks. Oh no, BeBes stand in the ticket line and talk way too loudly while on their cell phones. Additionally, they never seem to have their money ready once they are at the window. Now, someone please correct me if I'm wrong but, don't most theaters display ticket prices for their patrons to see? In this day and age, most theaters even accept ATM/debit cards for those cases when one does not have enough cash on hand. I guess BeBes don't like using the automated ticket machines because that may just require them to read and follow directions. Oh no...a two-step process may just be enough to push them over the edge. But the real issue here is how much more of them can we take before those of us that go to a movie to relax for a little while be driven over the edge? I shall not mention their behavior once inside. That may just be too much for me after finishing a long day of work and battling rush hour traffic.

nicole said...

i'm scared of them and for them. something must be done....and FAST! we need to commission a chemist to create some sort of BeBe imobilization spray (sort of like a pepper spray/stun gun combo) that just stops them dead in their tracks, unscrambles their brainwaves and FORCES them to think straight for 5 minutes, which is about as long as it will take ME to get away from them! this unit must be able to hit it's target from at least 20 feet away, cuz then when you spot them coming down the block and get ready to aim and fire.

so, who's gonna develop this product? if we get a pattent, just remember it was MY IDEA!!!! haha