Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Perhaps I will have a change of heart at some point but for now, I am vehemently opposed to Kindles. Why would I want to read a book in the form of an over-priced Speak N' Spell? I LOVE books...the smell of them, feel of them, the struggle to keep them bound and in one piece. Everytime I see someone on the subway reading from a Kindle with their bourgois green leather case and their nose high in the air I want to go post-crazio on them and pull their nose off! It honestly makes me want to puke! Yes...I admit it...I am an intellectual, cosmopolitian elitest New York snob. I HEART BOOKS...SUE ME!
I am going to regret this post in a couple of years when I am on the beach in Trinidad reading the latest Coehlo book on my Kindle but until then.....

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