Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Real Housewives of NJ: A Critical Analysis

Oh My Lawd! Those RHNJ women are scary...the scariest yet. What they think is cute and classy is so...not. I cannot believe that they are just a few miles over the bridge from New York because they could not be more different then my NY girls.

I will say that the show can be entertaining at times. All of the RH casts have been in some way or another. However, this one is the most least it seems so based on what we get to see. These girls spend so much time in the plastic surgeons chair, tanning bed, and hair colorist salon that I am sure I would not recognize them in a picture from their high school yearbook. The only one that looks normal and has any damn sense is the self-proclaimed matriarch Caroline (I think that is her name). She's textbook Italian mom with a little money. I like her. Her sister Dina pisses me off because she acts like she's better than this other woman Danielle but she's just as "meshuganah". The other two have "Stepford" tendencies but I can almost handle them. Overall, they all could use a little Jesus in their lives. I can't really make my final judgment because the juicy episode where the girl Teresa turns over the dinner table and curses the kids out doesn't air until next week. STAY TUNED...

I really appreciated the RHNY because those women were REAL. Jill Zarin rocks! I don't care what anyone says. That heifer is who she says she is...unapologetically. The dynamic between her and Ramona was a classic NY girl love/hate friendship. Perhaps it is just because I live in NY but that show just felt so much more relateable. Even more so than RHAtlanta which had all of the black women. I got that one and enjoyed it but NY was more my speed.

Bethany was like the girl I went to college with who is so ambitious but is having a hard time finding a man because she feels like she has to be two different women...split in two. I can totally understand where she is...EXCEPT she needs to eat because the Skinny girl thing is starting to get out of hand. The Countess was at her best when she had her unexpected bouts with "down-to earthness". I think life is starting to humble her a bit. To the one who is married to the gay man I say, "you like it, I love it." They seem happy in a strange way. Leave them be! My only suggestion for the show's producers would be to ship that Kelly off to NJ before she gets her behind kicked in NY! Can you say nightmare?

So Mr. Bravo...what's next? The Real Housewives of Pittsburgh? "What are yinz doing?" Holla at your girl...

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James Ricardo The Actor said...

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, was the one I loved. Trudy and I were addicted. I'm all about Nee Nee! I couldn't get into New York, Orange County or now New Jersey! K-Rock I'm glad your watching more TV these days...Good For you. LOL...LOVE YA