Thursday, June 11, 2009

Secret to World Peace and Harmony...Let Women Rock! undeniable fact is that when women are given the space and place to rock (by rock I mean do what they do and do it well), the world becomes a better place and humanity is at its best.

I have always been inspired by women (famous and not so famous) who just go for it...whatever that means for their lives. However, recently the opportunity to watch women really ROCK what they do has infused my heart with so much pride, joy, and inspiration that I am overwhelmed with new ideas and dreams that I am looking forward to ROCKING in due time.

Every time Michelle Obama steps off of a plane or walks down the hallways of the White House we look on in awe of her because she is totally ROCKING 1st ladyhood. When Beyonce steps on stage some of us hate but others of us recognize the tradition she carries on in the spirit of women like Tina Turner who give audiences 150% every single night. If you have ever had the good sense to read a Toni Morrison book (Beloved being my fav), when you are done not only are you amazed by the work itself but have to recognize the amazing woman behind it.

Lately, two very good friends of mine have combined efforts to create a collective of two known as Dlaila. Dlaila = Key ( + Jini ( Now individually these women are super fantastic talents and beautiful people. BUT together they REALLY ROCK...and they are just getting started. Check them out and you will see what I mean:

Jini has two AMAZING daughters who are just in their preteens and they are already ROCKING IT...AND HARD AND HOW! Jauhara is a crazy fresh visual artist and musician and Chandani is ridiculously gifted writer and singer (among other things). These girls bring me so much hope for the future...WOO HOO! They make me want to have a little girl or two. :-)

Check out the below for a small gallery tour of some of Hara's work. When Chandani allows me access to some of her written work, I will share that with you as well.

So people...I beseech you...instill the gift of ROCK into the hearts and minds of little girls. They don't know the power that they have...I forget all the time so I get it...I do. Tell them that if they choose to sing, or cook, or dance, or write, or nurse, or mother, or police, or profess, or confess, or sweep, or whatever to ROCK ALL THE WAY OUT. The human race is depending on them. ;-)

short gallerie tour from dlaila and company on Vimeo.

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kaylawoo said...

"instill the gift of rock..." lol i love it. so true