Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What a Man Sounds Like When He Sings...

One thing I often think about as a vocalist is how there is a shortage of great male singers in popular music. Well...not male but MAN! Sure, there are a few adolescent, whining boys to choose from...and I won't name any names. But take a second and think about the first time you heard Sam Cooke or Donnie Hathaway sing...WOO HOO! When is the last time you heard a man and got that loving feeling? Can't remember right? Our boy Maxwell is on his way back to rescue us from the manless landscape of music and I can't wait (he's looking really good these days too) BUT if you REALLY want to hear what a man sounds like when he opens his mouth to sing, check out this one right here: Kurt Elling.

There are times when I listen to Kurt's music and a tear comes to my eye. If you could set the warmth and love of a real man to music, this is what it would sound like. I know it sounds weird but I feel safe and loved when I listen to him sing; even if only in that moment. It is unbelievable.
I listened to him on the subway this morning (after giving him a rest for a few months because I was totally od-ing) and it felt like I was hearing him for the first time again. I had an A-HA moment! LOL!
Elling has created quite a few albums for Blue Note and one for Concord AND he has another one to be released on Concord later this month featuring the music of Hartman and Coltrane...YIPPIE! For more information, go to his site (you won't be disappointed!):

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