Monday, June 8, 2009

In the wrong place at the right time...

As you may well know, I am an independent recording artist and performer which means I am a professional artist with a day job (for now)! Sometimes this bugs the crap out of me because the time I spend sitting at this desk making my corporation money is time I should be using to perfect my craft(s). HOWEVER...I often wake up and remember that being broke aint cute...especially after 25...okay 30! The truth of the matter is that this job has been a blessing for the most part. Since I've been here I received my first master's degree (working on my 2nd towards a PhD right now)and released my debut album. hasn't really stopped me from pursuing my dreams at all. BUT...days like this...when I am sitting on 8 hour conference calls...I want to run away! ARGH! For me this may not be the right place in my mind but it is where I am supposed to be right now...we will see what happens.
This is me sitting at my desk listening to a presentation being made by some European consultants to our LA office...HE HE: